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The Lorenz Corporation  

Founded in 1890, The Lorenz Corporation has a vibrancy that belies its age. Its three active music-publishing imprints—Heritage Music Press, Lorenz, and SoundForth—release more than 500 products a year and are all industry leaders in their markets.

During its long history, Lorenz has survived two major crises. The first was World War I. At that time Lorenz was publishing mostly in the German language. There was such hatred for the German people and customs that all of the anthems had to be translated into English and re-engraved, and new copies were printed. This process almost bankrupted the company. The second crisis was the Great Depression. The only thing that saved the company was that church attendance grew, and church choirs needed more copies of the music that was already in their libraries due to much larger choirs.

Over the years, The Lorenz Corporation has purchased more than twenty of their music competitors.

Although it just entered the general education market in 2008 with Lorenz Educational Press, the company's presence is already being felt. This was accelerated by the acquisitions of The Teaching & Learning Company and Milliken Publishing.

The Lorenz Corporation's 60+ full-time employees mostly work in the Dayton, Ohio printing, warehouse, and fulfillment facilities. Here, Lorenz prints its own products as well as publications from many other publishers.

Long an industry leader in technology and applying it to improved business practices, Lorenz embraced a commitment to Lean Manufacturing principles in 2005. In 2009, The Lorenz Corporation turned its attention to ensuring that employees remain the finest in the industry with an impressive company-wide and -funded education initiative.

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