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The Eyes Have It

Japanese Proverbs II

Composers: Gary Walth (Composer)
Voicing: SATB divisi, a cappella
Product Code: 15/1667R
Description: "Kotowaza" (proverbs) are a vital part of Japanese culture and are often reflective of Japanese thought and tradition. They impart great wisdom in a very few words. These are set with the voices imitating Japanese stringed instruments creating a stunning effect. They make a powerful concert grouping when combined with "Two Japanese Proverbs" (15/1641R) also by Dr. Walth, winner of the WCDA composition competition.
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Product Type: Educational Octavo
Division: Roger Dean Publishing Company
Usage / Emphasis: General
Difficulty: Moderately difficult
Series: Electa
Pages: 16
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Page NumberTitleComposer
3Eyes Have It TheGary Walth