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The Top 300 Contemporary Christian Songs

Leadsheets for Performance and Personal Enjoyment

Composers: David McDonald (Compiler)
Voicing: Solo
Product Code: 9780834170476
Description: In the style of popular "fake books," "The Top 300 Contemporary Christian Songs" contains many of the most popular contemporary and inspirational songs. This must-have resource for solo ministry, small groups, sing-a-longs, and a variety of worship experiences features lead sheets including melody, words, and chord symbols. Songs are indexed in three ways: by topic, by artist, and alphabetically.
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Product Type: Sacred Vocal
Division: Lillenas Publishing Company
Pages: 328

Page NumberTitleComposer
2His Grace Is Greater 
3O Magnify the Lord 
4When Redeemed I Stand 
6The Great Divide 
7Upon This Rock 
8He Holds the Keys 
9We Will Glorify 
10I Stand Here Forgiven 
11Easter Song 
12Testify to Love 
13We Bow Down 
14Praise to the King 
15Face to Face 
16His Strength Is Perfect 
17I Can Be Glad 
19Let There Be Praise 
20Carry the Light 
21He Is Able 
22The Great Adventure 
24Come Before Him 
25The Battle Belongs to the Lord 
26Shepherd Boy 
27Praise You 
28God Is in Control 
29For the Glory of the Lord 
30I Surrender All 
31God and God Along 
32He Believes in Lost Causes 
33Stand Up and Be Strong 
34I Want to Be Just like You 
35Song for the Nations 
36Light of the World 
37Out of His Great Love 
38Broken Places 
39Look What God Is Doing 
40To Be Like Jesus 
42Another Child to Hold 
43Honor and Praise 
44More than Wonderful 
45All I Want Is You, Lord 
46I've Just Seen Jesus 
48For the Sake of the Call 
49O For a Thousand Tongues 
50Embrace the Cross 
51Lamb of Glory 
52I Want to Know Christ 
53For unto Us 
54My Turn Now 
55Be Still and Know 
56Midnight Cry 
57Wounded Soldier 
58In Majesty He Will Come 
59We Trust in the Name of the Lord Our God 
60All in Favor 
61Seekers of Your Heart 
62Triumphantly, the Church Will Rise 
63Meekness and Majesty (This Is Your God) 
66Bring Back the Glory 
67The Warrior Is a Child 
68Almight God 
69There Is a Redeemer 
70There Is Peace 
71Let the Walls Fall Down 
72The Basics of Life 
73The Reason We Sing 
74The Time Is Now 
75Enter In 
76Cherish the Treasure 
77Go Light Your World 
78Turn Your Heart Toward Home 
79Much Too High a Price 
80My Redeemer Is Faithful and True 
81In the Name of the Lord 
82Heaven in the Real World 
84Joy in the Journey 
85The King of Who I Am 
86Children of the World 
87Proclaim the Glory of the Lord 
88He's Worthy 
89Build a Bridge 
90Teach Me to Love 
91Beyond What I Can See 
92My Tribute 
93When Answers Aren't Enough 
94Jesus Never Fails 
95The Lamb Has Overcome 
96I Am Not Ashamed 
97As the Deer 
98The Day He Wore My Crown 
99Christ in Us Be Glorified 
100Bless God 
100There Is a Savior 
101Lord of All 
102Hold on to Jesus 
103Revive Us, O Lord 
104After All 
105Come Just as You Are 
106Then Will the Very Rocks Cry Out 
107Worthy of Worship 
108Singing with the Saints 
109Magnify Him 
110I'll Be Believing 
111To God Be All Glory 
112Godly Men 
112It's Still the Cross 
113Sing to the Lord 
114Think About His Love 
115The Invitation 
116The Altar 
117Lord, ILift Your Name on High 
118Love Them While We Can 
119Awesome God 
120House of the Lord 
121Shine Jesus, Shine 
122Daystar (Shine Down on Me) 
123The Father Hath Provided Again 
124Love in Any Language 
126Household of Faith 
126Wonderful, Merciful Savior 
127The Joy of the Lord 
128Fingerprints of God 
129Lift Up a Song 
130First Love 
131Lamb of God 
132The Rock of Faith Is Jesus 
133People of God 
134The Faithfulness of God 
135Always There for You 
136How Beautiful 
137People Need the Lord 
138Find Us Faithful 
139That's Where His Mercy Begins 
140Well Done, My Child 
141A Strange Way to Save the World 
142I'm Pryaing for You 
142We Choose the Fear of the Lord 
143I Call You to Praise 
144God's Love Never Changes 
145We Are Still the Church 
146Broken and Silled OUt 
147There's Still Power in the Blood 
148I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked 
149Hallelujah, Praise the Lam 
150The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail 
151In the Presence of Jehovah 
152That's When the Angels Rejoice 
153Yet I Will Praise Him 
154All Creation Sings His Praise 
155Solid as the Rock 
156I Will Be Here 
158Holy Ground 
158Sound His Praise 
159We Are an Offering 
160He Is Here 
161When the Lamb Becomes the Light 
162He Loved Me with a Cross 
163You are My All in All 
164High and Lifted Up 
165Lead Me, Lord 
166Wherever You Are 
167Lord of Glory 
168Children Are a Treasure from the Lord 
169Watch and Pray 
170You'll Still Be Lord of All 
172Great Is the Lord 
172You're the Only Jesus 
173To the Lamb 
174Beyond the Open Door 
175Living It Up 
176Sing Your Praise to the Lord 
177Antiphonal Praise (We Worship You) 
178Thank You 
179No Other Name but Jesus 
180Fear Not, My Child 
181His Word Will Stand 
182Be the One 
183He Will Carry You 
184Love Found a Way 
185Calvary's Love 
186Even the Praise Comes from You 
186Remember the Lord 
187We Are His Hands 
188Heaven's Child 
189Christians, Arise 
190It's Your Song, Lord 
193Let Us Praise the Almighty 
194Favorite Song of All 
195Heal Our Land 
196Glorious Morning 
197The Reconciliation Song 
198Champion of Love 
199Man After Your Own Heart 
200One More Broken Heart 
202Hallowed Be Thy Name 
202I Will Life Up My Eyes 
203Protector of My Soul 
205The Family Prayer Song (As for Me and My House) 
206I Look to the Shepherd 
206The Strength of the Lord 
207Beneath His Father's Heaven 
208Mercy Saw Me 
209Guard Your Heart 
210When Praise Demands a Sacrifice 
211Bless the Lord 
212Worthy, Faithful and Righteous 
213Gather at the River 
214Not Too Far from Here 
216The Refiner's Fire 
217Revive Us, O Lord 
218Love Will Be Our Home 
219Be Strong and Take Courage 
220God So Loved the World 
221O What a Moment 
222God of the Second Chance 
223That's Where the Joy Comes From 
224O Come, All Ye Faithful 
226Prepare Ye the Way 
227Because of Who You Are 
228I Am Not Ashamed 
229Celebrate the Child 
230Blessed to Be a Blessing 
231Outside These Walls 
232Through the Eyes of a Child 
234Ten Thousand Joys 
235Heal Our Land 
236I Want to Be Where You Are 
237In Christ Alone 
238I Miss My Time with You 
239Exalt the Name 
240As We Sail to Heaven's Shore 
241The River 
242Only God Knows 
243We Are So Blessed 
244No Greater Love 
245He'll Find a Way 
246In Heaven's Eyes 
248Sing unto Him 
250In His Presence 
251We Will See Him as He Is 
252The House that Mercy Built 
253Lion of Judah 
254In the First Light 
255Unto Us (Isaiah 9) 
258Purest Praise 
259Shine Down 
260Greater Still 
261Lord of All 
262We Will Overcome 
264He Who Began a Good Work in You 
265We Have Seen God's Glory 
266Unshakable Kingdom 
268All the Glory Belongs to Jesus 
269The Language of Jesus Is Love 
270It Came to Pass 
271A Time Such as This 
272That's When I'll Know I'm Home 
273Honor Him Whom Honor Is Due 
274Mighty Fortress 
276Through It All 
277All Over the World 
278My Soul Desire 
279Honor the Lord 
280The Gift Goes On 
282First Things First 
283I Want to Know Christ 
284Worship the King 
285Bless the Name of Jesus 
286All Rise 
287What a Wonderful Lord 
288With Hope 
289I See the Lord 
290O I Want to Know You More 
291Give Him the Glory 
292Butterfly Kisses 
295His Faithfulness 
296For God So Loved the World 
297Shepherd of My Heart 
298Dream On 
300Hunger for Holiness 
302Facts Are Facts 
303God Bless the U.S.A. 
305Yes, Lord Yes 
306He Left Everything 
307Anything That Costs Me Nothing 
308Watch the Lamb 
311Arise! Shine! 
312Great Expectations 
314He'll Do Whatever It Takes 
316Come, Thou Almighty King 
318Grace by Which I Stand