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  • Calvary

    Calvary's Love

    New Easter cantata from Lloyd Larson and Jay Rouse for SATB and SAB choirs!
  • Singable Solutions for Your Choir!

    Singable Solutions for Your Choir!

    Accessible Anthems for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter
  • Easter Jubilation

    Easter Jubilation

    Hymns of Resurrection Joy for Organ by Jason D. Payne
  • Woods, Metals, Shakers, Skins

    Woods, Metals, Shakers, Skins

    Hoop Group Activities for Your Active Music Classroom!
  • Music for Developing Choirs

    Music for Developing Choirs

    Best-selling selections for Unison or Two-part choirs
  • Digital Catalogs

    Digital Catalogs

    View our current catalogs online.

The Lorenz Corporation

We proudly serve as the publishing home for today’s leading choral composers, elementary music educators, and church musicians of all disciplines. Our employees—music educators, worship musicians, performers, and admirers—call downtown Dayton home, and we embody the innovative spirit of this famous city. 


We’re musicians serving musicians, and we thank you for inviting us to play a part in your musical life.