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The best way to discover music by specific composers or about a certain topic is to use our filters. In the top blue bar, select a category and then click on a subcategory. On the resulting page, you'll be able to filter that category by composer or theme/occasion ("Thematic Focus"). You can use the filters to change the category that you're searching in, too! The page will reload with the newest results each time you add or remove criteria.

Search by Code Number

If you know the code number of a specific item, it's a great search tool. Some examples of our code numbers include 10/5064MD, 15/3416H, 20/1961L, 70/2041SF, and 9780787754815. Make sure to only include the code number and use the correct punctuation for best results.

Numbers vs. Numerals

On our site, searching for "10 pack" and "ten pack" might give you different results. If you're not finding what you're looking for, try substituting the numeral for the number spelled out and vice versa.

What else should I put in the search box?

The search box searches all information tied with a product, but it prioritizes results where your text appears in the title and subtitle. Keeping that in mind, place your keyword in the search box and filter your results based on your needs. For example, search for Go Tell It On The Mountain and then use the category, subcategory, or voicing filters to find music for a specific ensemble or instrument.


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