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Mari Schay
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Activate your students with engaging and eclectic ideas to get them singing, playing, moving, and reading! Each of the five issues in this year-long subscription has detailed lessons from general music teachers who work in school settings across the country and around the world. To save you time, each lesson includes the visuals, printable music, recordings, and worksheets that you need to teach it, now conveniently located on our new ActivateOnline website. A subscription to Activate! will enliven your teaching and deepen your thinking all year long.


Your subscription will include these great features:



  • Sing: engaging lessons and repertoire to get all your grade levels singing
  • Play: lessons for barred percussion, non-pitched percussion, recorder, and more
  • Move: age-appropriate movement lessons to reinforce the music-movement connection
  • Read: teaching, reviewing, and reinforcing music notation skills
  • Classical Connections: innovative lessons to help students connect to a classical or jazz piece
  • From My Classroom to Yours: teaching tips and new ideas from your fellow music educators
  • Activate Asks: short and sweet advice from our whole team
  • Tech Talk: using new technology in your classroom
  • Composer Spotlight: student-friendly activities to learn about a composer
  • Calendars: date-specific ideas for every week of the school year


Our whole team of dedicated music educators understands kids and music classrooms, including our editor Mari Schay, and writers like Artie Almeida, Katie Grace Miller, Patricia Bourne, Katie O'Connor-Ballantyne, Doug Edwards, Brian Hiller & Don Dupont, Reuben Burrows, and many more!

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