Music, Movement & More! The Music Magazine for Grades K-6
Jeanette Morgan
Book/Reproducible and Audio/Data CD, Interactive Software

Activate your students to love music, learn by doing, and have fun while learning with this music magazine designed for all educators working with elementary students. Featuring trends in music education, skill-rated lessons, choral resources, and a CD full of recordings and printable resources, a subscription to Activate! will energize your lessons and engage your students.


Lessons include:

  • Skill Ratings
  • National Core Arts Standards
  • Target Concepts
  • Assessments
  • Materials Lists
  • Extension Ideas
  • Cross-curricular Opportunities
  • Take Note Tips
  • Additional Resources


Audio/Data CD features:

  • Performance and Accompaniment Recordings
  • Printable Visual Aids
  • Instrumental Scores
  • Piano/Vocal Scores
  • Reproducible Lyric Pages
  • Interactive Whiteboard Lesson


Your subscription will make planning a snap and help you maximize your budget with creative contributions from some of today's best educators, including Artie Almeida, Katie Grace Miller, Jeanette Morgan, Phyllis Thomas, Mark Shelton, Brian Hiller and Don Dupont, Mari Schay, Deborah A. Imiolo, Konnie Saliba, Donna Dirksing, and many more!


Here's just a little of what your fellow teachers are saying about this affordable classroom resource:


"I like the quality of the music, excellent folk music and background information. I appreciate the fact that the music is pitched appropriately, not all in the chest voice."


"I love this magazine! It's very easy to understand and the lessons are super fun! Overall I am so pleased I bought this subscription (with my own money). I can't wait to get my next issue! I wish you had one every month!"