Gregg Sewell

Gregg Sewell
Gregg Sewell

Gregg Sewell began formal piano training at the age of eleven, and within two years he was playing and composing for local churches. He was a published composer at the age of nineteen, and one year later he began editing music at the professional level while still pursuing his degree in music theory and composition at Samford University.


After completing his graduate work in church music, Mr. Sewell devoted his energies to composing for the sacred music field, while serving local churches as a minister of music, pianist, and organist. In 1985 he founded EditWorks, one of the first computer‑based music engraving companies in the United States. For decades he has been active as a music editor and engraver, and he has served on the editorial staff of various music publishing firms including The Lorenz Corporation and GIA Publications.


Gregg Sewell is widely acknowledged as an expert in the field of computerized music typesetting, having devoted several years to testing and assisting with the product development of Music Press software for the Graphire Corporation. He has also published more than 2,600 compositions and arrangements under his own name and a number of pen names.

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