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Parts Download(s)? (Updated)

Where can I find my parts download?

To get to your parts download:

• Search our site using your music's item number.

• You can find this number next to the page number on each page of your choral music.

• Click on the search result for that item.

• Click on the "Free Downloads" button beneath the cover cut.

• Check and uncheck the checkboxes to select the parts you need.

• Click "Download."


These files should be placed into your computer's downloads folder automatically. If you're having trouble accessing these files on our site, please email parts@lorenz.com.

Why can't I view your sample pages?

You will need Adobe Reader to download and view our sample pages. This free software is produced by Adobe and can be downloaded from Adobe's website.


Why aren't there sample pages for the music that I'm interested in?

Some of our older items do not currently have sample pages available. If you are interested in one of these items, Contact Us and we'll try to make sample pages available.

Why can't I listen to audio?

Our audio player allows you to stream our music from search results and item pages. If a player does not load, please report this issue via the Contact Us form, and we will repair the player. Please provide our product number when reporting the issue and we will be able to provide an alternate URL to get you back to listening.

What are the requirements for an account password?

Your password needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Contain both letters and numbers
  • Be between 8 and 31 characters
  • Cannot contain special characters or symbols like . ? ! @ ;

What if I'm ordering for a tax-exempt organization (church, school, etc.)?

It is the purchaser's responsibility to provide proof of tax-exemption with a tax-exempt form, which must be on file with our accounting department. This can be provided by email to AR@Lorenz.com or by fax to 937-223-2042 along with information to identify or create the customer account for your organization. Purchasers who submit a tax-exemption form and fit all other tax-exemption requirements stated here may be refunded within seven days of a purchase.


Customer accounts qualifying for tax-exemption must be created by a Lorenz associate; accounts created on this website are not eligible for tax-exemption. Please call 800-444-1144 extension 1 or email Service@Lorenz.com to set up an account for your organization. The account must also be set up in the name of the tax-exempt organization, so accounts in the name of an individual do not qualify for tax-exemption.


Shipping Questions

What is "Standard" shipping?

Packages sent via Standard shipping are typically delivered via UPS Ground or the U.S. Postal Service, with the size of the order usually dictating which method is used. Orders ship from our warehouse in Dayton, Ohio, and delivery to most locations with the U.S. typically occcurs within 5 to 7 business days.

What is "Value" shipping?

Value shipping is free for U.S. orders of $50 or more before sales tax. Delivery of packages sent via Value shipping may take up to 1 to 2 weeks for orders shipping within the continental U.S. and 2 to 3 weeks for orders shipping to Alaska or Hawaii. Packages will typically arrive via the U.S. Postal Service or UPS Ground, depending upon the size of the order. Eligible orders may be combined with applicable promotion codes.

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping and handling charges are based on your order total. You can calculate the cost of shipping for the items in your cart by navigating to the second step in our checkout process or you may calculate your shipping changes using one of the appropriate tables.


Standard U.S. Shipping Costs

Orders totaling: Shipping Cost:
$0.00–$9.99 $4.95
$10.00–$19.99 $5.95
$20.00–$29.99 $6.95
$30.00–$49.99 $7.95
$50.00–$74.99 $8.95
$75.00–$99.99 $9.95
$100.00–$199.99 $10.95
$200.00 and above 10% of order total


Standard Canadian Shipping Costs

Orders totaling: Shipping Cost:
$0.00–$9.99 $5.95
$10.00–$19.99 $7.95
$20.00–$29.99 $9.95
$30.00–$49.99 $11.95
$50.00–$74.99 $12.95
$75.00–$99.99 $14.95
$100.00–$199.99 $17.95
$200.00 and above 10% of order total


Standard Foreign Shipping Costs

Orders totaling: Shipping Cost:
$0.00–$9.99 $7.95
$10.00–$19.99 $10.95
$20.00–$29.99 $15.95
$30.00–$49.99 $17.95
$50.00–$74.99 $20.95
$75.00–$99.99 $25.95
$100.00–$199.99 $32.95
$200.00 and above 20% of order total

When will my order ship?

Most web orders placed after 12:00pm EST Monday–Friday will be processed on the next business day. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be processed the following Monday. The Lorenz Corporation is proud of its longstanding tradition of shipping most orders on the day that they are processed. Larger orders or orders placed during our busiest times of the year may take an additional day. If you need to expedite an order, please Contact Us and have your order confirmation information available.

Does my order qualify for expedited shipping?

All street addresses within the U.S. qualify for expedited shipping for an additional charge. To calculate your total shipping cost, add the following to your standard shipping fee (found in the table above):

Third Day: $15.95

Second Day: $17.95

Next Day: $19.95


Unfortunately, P.O. Boxes and non-U.S. addresses are inelligble for expedited shipping at this time.

When will my expedited order arrive?

Expedited shipping arrival dates are calculated in business days, and weekend delivery cannot be guaranteed. For example, next day orders shipped on a Friday can be expected on the following Monday.

How can I track the status of my order?

You will be sent a confirmation email immediately after placing your order. A second email will follow once your order is processed, which will include your order number and a link to track your package. If you order does not arrive in a timely fashion, Contact Us and we'll be happy to figure out what happened.


You can also see the status of your order when you enter the My Account section. You can view your entire order history and easily check any order's status, print your receipt, or reorder.


Subscription Questions

Where can I find an index of the music in my subscription?

Each year, we publish indices for our subscriptions that list contents of every issue from the year or volume. To download these indices for free, visit lorenz.com/downloads.

How do I renew my subscription?

The best way to renew your subscription is to call our service representatives at 800-444-1144.


Please note that if you reorder the subscription on our website, you cannot select a specific starting issue at this time, so you may experience an overlap or lapse in your subscription.

How do I know when my subscription will expire?

The expiration date can be found on your magazine mailing label above your name. For example, if "EXP 0118" appears above your name, your last issue would be the January 2018 issue. Please note that the expiration date may not appear on your first issue(s).


On your last issue, you will see a renewal reminder above your name on the mailing label.

How can I change the address where I receive my subscription?

Please Contact Us with your new address and notify your postmaster. When submitting your new address to us, be sure to mention that you have an open subscription, and our service representatives will update your address on your account and any ongoing subscriptions. (While you can change your address in the My Account section of our website, that change will only affect future orders, not ongoing orders such as subscriptions.)


If the post office notifies us that your subscription is undeliverable, your subscription will be placed on hold for one year. A corrected address must be submitted to us within this time to claim the remainder of your subscription.

How do I get the digital version of my subscription?

Some of our subscriptions include a free digital version with purchase. If your subscription includes this option, the back cover of your physical copy will include instructions on how to download the digital version.



What is The Lorenz Corporation's return policy?

Items purchased from The Lorenz Corporation may be returned after requesting and securing a return authorization. If you are requesting a Return Authorization for an order containing Word Music and Church Resources (WMCR) items, please contact 888-483-0023. For more information about WMCR returns, visit www.wordchoralclub.com/faq.


For a full refund on orders from The Lorenz Corporation, the following criteria must be met.


  1. All returned items must have been purchased directly from The Lorenz Corporation and be returned within sixty (60) days of the date of invoice.
  2. All returned materials must be in like-new condition. Items with stickers, stamps, or markings cannot be accepted and will be returned at the customer's expense.
  3. All items must be returned postpaid.
  4. All returns must be authorized by The Lorenz Corporation. The return authorization number must be placed on the outside of each returned package.


The following items may not be returned.


  • Recorded products
  • Accompaniment instrumental parts (e.g. cantata orchestrations)
  • Opened software
  • Out-of-print items
  • Digital Downloads


If a return is unauthorized or improperly documented, The Lorenz Corporation may:

  1. Refuse the return, or
  2. Accept the return at a value of 25% of the retail cost

How do I secure a Return Authorization?

To secure a return authorization, fax or email all of the following information.


  1. Quantity, The Lorenz Corporation's product number, and the title of all items to be returned
  2. Reason for the return
  3. Copy of the original invoice, the invoice number, or a sales order number
  4. Name, email, and phone number of the person requesting the return


Upon receipt of the request, a return authorization number will be sent to you. This number must appear on the outside of each box returned.


If you are requesting a Return Authorization for an order containing Word Music and Church Resources (WMCR) items, please contact 888-483-0023. For more information about WMCR returns, visit www.wordchoralclub.com/faq.

Where do I ship my authorized return?

Please send your return (with your return authorization number on the outside of the box) to the following address.

501 E Third St
Dayton, OH 45402





What is a promotion code, how can I get one, and how do I use it?

If you sign up for our mail and email lists, you will receive catalogs and emails that may contain discounts and other offers that you can redeem with a promotion code. You can enter your promotion code into the Promotion Code field at the bottom of Your Cart before you proceed to checkout. If you've already started your checkout, you can Edit Your Order to add a promotion code.


If your order total does not reflect the promotion by the time that you are selecting you shippping method, please give us a call at 800-444-1144, and we'll help you complete your order.

Why doesn't my Promotional CD work?

The CDs we include in our promo materials are a real valuable asset to our customers.  In an effort to bring you more for less, we have started using an MP3 format for our CDs.  This means the CD will only be playable through a computer or some newer model cars.  We understand this may cause some inconvenience but it has allowed us to pack so much more for you into so much less.



What is a P/A, Perf/Acc, or Perf/Accomp CD?

All three of these names are abbreviations for Performance/Accompaniment CD. A Performance/Accompaniment CD is a CD that contains both performance/demonstration tracks and accompaniment tracks. These recordings may be used in rehearsal or performance as needed by the performer(s).

What do the keyboard difficulty levels mean?

The difficulty levels of our keyboard books vary from easy to advanced. When our editors assign a difficulty level to each book, they have the following definitions in mind.


For Organ Publications

Easy — Music is written with simple rhythms and limited technical demands. A manuals only scoring option is often utilized, making selections perfect for pianists who are transitioning to organ.
Moderately Easy — Uncomplicated rhythms are included, with few technical encumbrances. Easily executable pedal parts include much use of toe-to-toe and pedal point.
Intermediate — A wide range of styles and organ forms are utilized. There is additional manual and pedal involvement in terms of rhythm and tempo that does not exceed average technique.
Moderately Advanced — Above-average manual and pedal technique is required. In most cases, music will call for additional preparation time.
Advanced — This music is technically demanding and intended for the proficient player, with full use of manual and pedal divisions. Many of these selections rise to the level of recital repertoire.


For Piano Publications

Easy — Accessible and designed with the beginner in mind. No large intervals or complicated rhythms are included. Music keeps to the center of the keyboard and is written within user-friendly keys.
Moderately Easy — Textures and rhythms can be somewhat involved, with hands at times becoming independent and intervals expanded. Arrangements are developed in nature but tend to stay within easier key signatures.
Intermediate — Styles of music are varied and ranges are expanded. One can expect rhythmic and technical demands, with some scalar and/or arpeggiated passages. Music will be accessible to most church pianists but may require preparation time for some players.
Moderately Advanced — Virtuosic passages with use of octaves, runs, and arpeggios are prevalent. Arrangements are extended and incorporate a wide range of styles, often with complicated rhythms. Music would be ideal for a skilled player with somewhat limited preparation time.
Advanced — Designed with the skilled pianist in mind. Virtuosic passages occur frequently, harmonic and rhythmic development is sophisticated, and the keyboard is fully utilized. Music is suitable for church, concert, or recital use.


Please note that older publications may have used a different difficulty rating system. We recommend that you review sample pages to determine if the difficulty level of each book is suited for you.

What is happening with interactive software for music classrooms?

With the news that Adobe will be discontinuing support for Flash in 2020, the Lorenz and Heritage Music Press team is already hard at work developing new resources using HTML5. We are committed to using the latest platforms to ensure maximum compatibility with the technologies in use in music classrooms.


In the meantime, we hope that you continue to find our Flash-based resources useful. They can still be played within Flash-enabled software and web browsers. For browser instructions, support, and more specific information related to your system, please get in touch with your hardware’s manufacturer.

Are any of your divisions accepting new publications?

Yes, we are! Before submitting your work, we recommend that you take some time to familiarize yourself with the music and resources that we have published in the past few years to give you an idea of what our customers associate with our imprints. We are actively reviewing submissions in the following categories:


  • Educational Choral (octavos)
  • Sacred Choral (anthems)
  • Sacred Keyboard (piano and organ)
  • Handbells
  • Sacred Instrumental (works for soloist or ensemble)
  • Lessons, worksheets, or other teaching materials for the elementary music classroom


Visit the Submit Your Music page for more information.