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Our goal at Heritage Music Press is to equip you with strong lesson plans, invaluable and educational activities, exceptional compositions, and so much more. Our creative team of educators, editors, and artists share you passion and dedication to teaching. Your contributions to music education have molded countless young minds, and a commitment to excellence like that deserves the best. That's why we have called upon all-star educators to bring you this diverse selection of classroom music resources.


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New Classroom Resources from Heritage Music Press!

  • Teach Me Something New Today

    Teach Me Something New Today

    Creative Songs to Teach Your Classroom Expectations.
  • Use Your Ukes

    Use Your Ukes

    Great ways to introduce the ukulele to your students!
  • See It, Hear It, Do It!

    See It, Hear It, Do It!

    Movement activities for your classroom.
  • FLEX!


    30 Easy ensembles for whatever you have!
  • Finding Your Teacher Voice

    Finding Your Teacher Voice

    Practical strategies for music classrooms and choirs
  • Managed to a Moment

    Managed to a Moment

    Success in the Elementary Music Classroom

Best Sellers

  • Parachutes and Ribbons and Scarves, Oh My!

    Parachutes and Ribbons and Scarves, Oh My!

    Listening Lessons with Movement Props
  • Awesome Books with Musical Hooks

    Awesome Books with Musical Hooks

    Use children's literature to expand your musical horizons
  • Music Madness!

    Music Madness!

    Games for tablets, interactive boards, or computers.
  • "Ten to Teach" Series

    "Ten to Teach" Series

    From Artie Almeida, Brian Hiller & Don Dupont, Kate Kuper, Konnie Saliba, and others
  • KidStix


    Rockin' Repertoire for Rhythm Readiness
  • What to Teach When

    What to Teach When

    A Thoughtful and Engaging Music Curriculum

Activate! Magazine

Activate! Magazine

Recharge your teaching with Activate! magazine! This general music resource consists of five issues per school year, each with more than eighty pages of classroom-tested content ready to use tomorrow! Each lesson contains everything you need to teach it: colorful visuals, printable worksheets and music, audio recordings, web links, and more. 

What sets Activate! apart?





All lessons in Activate! are written by music teachers. Our team of educators shares their best plans with you to inspire you to try new lessons and adopt new strategies.




Our lessons focus on five strands of music-making: singing, playing, reading, moving, and creating. Taken together, each issue’s lessons meet all eleven of the National Core Arts Standards and cover every grade level.




Each issue of Activate! includes a set of themes: seasonal, instrumental, music masters, world culture, and musicianship.




Every lesson includes everything you need to teach it tomorrow. Lessons are laid out sequentially and all elements you need are available on the Activate! website.




In addition to about twenty lesson plans, each issue also includes inspiring articles, sub tub activities, worksheets to support your curriculum, a Family Connections page, monthly calendars, suggestions for incorporating children’s literature, technology tips, and more!


The Activate! team believes that music and movement are essential tools for learning and student achievement. It is our goal to present quality content that is developmentally appropriate, practical, and educationally sound. We strive to provide you with enjoyable opportunities to engage students in active learning.

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Recorder Monster

Recorder Monster

Step inside a world of silly lyrics, happy monsters, and rigorous music instruction with this fun and easy-to-use recorder curriculum. Each unit begins with a monster-narrated lesson and a "monster mantra" that reinforces the unit’s central skill. Warm-up exercises provide engaging activities to strengthen new notes and rhythms, and recorder repertoire based on traditional songs with silly monster lyrics increases student buy-in. You and your students can visit to access Recorder Monster resources in or out of the classroom, including demonstration and accompaniment tracks and notated music for all of the songs. Get students excited about their successes with collectible Recorder Monster trading cards that they earn by playing. The teacher book contains printable versions of every poster, monster card, student page, and visual aid you will need. Pre-printed poster packs, trading cards, student books, and an interactive software package are available separately.


Learn more about Recorder Monster