Martha Sherrill Kelsey

Martha Sherrill Kelsey
Martha Sherrill Kelsey

In a small town in North Carolina, nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, you'll find Martha Sherrill Kelsey doing one of two things—hiking the day away or having fun at the piano composing or teaching. In fact, Martha's love of nature has played a big role in many of her compositions, including her popular Smoky Mountain Suite.


Her wide variety of compositions, from "A Dinosaur Day Suite" to her Poetry at the Piano books, have captured the imagination of students and teachers alike and have been featured in Clavier magazine. Many are also on the National Federation List. Recently she was chosen to be Artist‑in‑Residence at the Rocky Mountain National Park. Her style of composing is just like her personality—fun, inviting and ready for adventure.


Martha received her Bachelor of Music in Piano and Composition from Western Kentucky University. Since then, she has taught both piano and composition to numerous students, including children and adults. She continues to teach today. In fact, if you drop in for a lesson, she'll even serve as your guide on one of her many favorite hiking trails.

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