What's New

Welcome to the New Lorenz.com!


We're proud to introduce our new website, packed with valuable features to help you find the music that you want, now! As we continue to make updates to better meet your needs, please explore the list below for a quick glimpse at our most unique and useful improvements. We'll keep this page current as new features are released.

Release: December 16, 2015


Improved Search

We might not be Google, but we've taken a giant leap in the right direction. The search field will look through our items' titles, composers, subtitles, contents, descriptions, and voicings. You can mix and match search terms from any of these areas or try out our filters! 

The categories in our main navigation let you start exploring relevant resources quickly! You'll always be able to locate the newest resources speedily, and we'll highlight new, popular, and unique items.


We think that you'll love browsing by composer. You can navigate directly to their compositions or visit their bio to learn more about them.

Main Navigation

The meat and gravy of our improved search is in our filter system. Front and center is a composer filter, so you can easily find music from the writers you love. This smart filter will suggest composers as you type.


If you're not looking for a specific composer, Category is the place to start. This area allows you to quickly dial into the general classification of instrumentation. These categories match the our main navigation bar.


The Subcategory, as expected, will let you further narrow your category. These classifications are similar to what you saw as categories on our previous site but with user-friendly improvements. If you're interested in classroom music resources, you won't want to miss this filter. If you preferred our previous website's categories, Product Types is the filter for you.


The Voicing filter allows you to filter by our music's primary voicing. It's one of our favorite improvements. Now pianists, for example, won't have to scan through all of the choral results to find items that are relevant to them. But don't worry, if you are interested in having particular accompaniments, you can use the Accompaniment filter to search for specific instrumentation and CD resources. For example, you might want to filter by SAB in Voicing and Performance/Accompaniment CD in Accompaniment.


Teachers, handbell musicians, and keyboardists will find the Difficulty filter particularly helpful in searching for resources with specific grade levels and difficulty ratings.


The Thematic Focus filter is equivalent to our previous Usage filter. You can narrow down your results by specific events and thematic ideas in the church and school year.


If you happen to know the specific series or imprint of the music that you're interested in, you can use the Series and Brand filters, respectively.


One of our most "in-beta" features is our Scripture Reference fitler. We're working on improving it, but in the meantime, we suggest that you limit your search to one Book and Chapter. While all results won't be perfectly relevant, your first results should be. Please reach out if we aren't meeting your needs.


Lastly, if you're looking for the newest pieces; doing research on older, out-of-print items; or need to only find results with audio or page samples, the New ReleaseInclude Out of Print, and Samples filters will help you see the most useful results.

Easy Listening

You're here to listen to the music, and now you'll find it first. Click the prominent play icon to start listening right from the search results. For more information about tracks, when appropriate, click on the item for more details.


PDF samples are also available from search results or in an item's details, so you can look while you listen. If you love the music, but it's not the right time to buy, add it to your wish list to review later. 

Increased Account Functionality


Our new website offers improved control over your account and preferences, and your email address is the key. If you've ordered on our previous website, we've brought your preferences over, but we'd like you to create a new password that you'll be able to reset as needed. If you've ordered from us via any non-web methods and provided your email address, we've started your account (filling in known information like your address) and just need you to create a new password to start benefiting from an account's features. We've also invested in the best security for all of your account information so that you can purchase with ease—in both action and mind.

My Downloads

In addition to being able to review your past orders, our best new features are our downloads section and our wishlist. If your computer crashes or you simply misplace a file, you can easily download a fresh copy of your previous purchase. Don't miss these great features once you create your account!